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Years of Living Dangerously: Revolt, Rebuild, Renew & A Dangerous Future (S01, E7&8)

These screenings will be cancelled due to the Thanksgiving Holiday but we’re happy to loan you the DVD’s if you don’t want to miss an episode! Our Sunday events will resume the following Sunday (Oct 20) at the 5 Points Theatre

Sunday October 13, Episode 7, “Revolt, Rebuild, Renew” Jessica Alba follows Climate Corps fellows as they work to help US companies save money and improve profits through energy efficiency and sustainability management. Friedman studies how the effect of global warming on the US wheat crop (and that of other exporting nations) caused a spike in wheat prices in the Middle East, helping to provoke the Arab Spring. He learns that “Earth could warm by more than 9 degrees F (5 degrees C) by 2100 if we don’t aggressively reduce our emissions of greenhouse gases”, and that more frequent heat waves and droughts will contribute to food shortages, which can lead to greater conflicts in the Middle East and elsewhere.[35] Hayes explores the economy of another area stricken by Hurricane Sandy, Far Rockaway, Queens, discovering that the most economically vulnerable people have been the most severely affected, losing their jobs because of lack of transportation, or having to move away altogether. He concludes that New York and other cities are unprepared for the effects of global warming on their poorest citizens.[35][36]

Sunday October 13, Episode 8, “A Dangerous Future” Michael C. Hall travels to Bangladesh to see how climate change will impact workers and the poor in developing countries in the coming decades, when a projected 150 million people will be forced to leave their homes to escape sea level rise and increased drought, insect-borne disease and flooding. In low-lying, flood-prone, densely populated Bangladesh, sea level rise and the lengthening of the monsoon season, both caused by global warming, have already caused a migration of coastal people to Dhaka and other cities, and across the border into India, because they have lost their homes or livelihoods. These factors are projected to lead to the displacement of 20 million of Bangladeshis by 2100, who are often forced to take dangerous work.[37] Hall argues that since the US has contributed the largest portion of the emissions already in the atmosphere, it bears responsibility for the climate change impacts in poorer nations.[38][39] Matt Damon explores the public health emergencies around the nation and world caused by more frequent, intense, and longer heat waves, which kill more Americans than hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes and lightning combined and cause health problems associated with dehydration, such as premature birth.[40][41][42] Friedman continues his Middle East investigation in Yemen, where the scarcity of water is already leading to local fighting. He speaks with President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi. Friedman concludes that where climate change leads to more frequent droughts, it is a factor that will increasingly push volatile political situations towards war.[37][40]

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